The Cosmos

Leaving the Earth and dreaming even further, towards the infinite and beyond! This is what motivated the creation of our 'Cosmos' series.

We look at the Moon almost every day, yet we don't really know it! Put away your telescope and explore with your fingertips the smallest craters, mountains and seas of our satellite... even its hidden side!

Celestial globes, once real scientific instruments, made it possible to understand the position of the stars, and thus of the Earth. Go back in time, admire stars and constellations as diverse as the Great Bear, the Indian or even the Pneumatic Machine!

Capture the most magical moment of your life!

"What a poetic birth certificate!" exclaimed our customer while observing one of the celestial globes in our workshop. This globe is precious. The planets and the moon are in exactly the same position as they were on 16 September 2020 at 2:23 pm. The moment our son was born. The strongest moment of our lives.

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