calibre 21, 32, 50 or 80cm

Once real scientific instruments, celestial globes made it possible to understand the position of the stars, and therefore of the Earth. Nowadays, with smartphones in our hands and light pollution obscuring the sky, this object seems obsolete. The more poetic it is!

Give us the date and hour of the most magical moment in your life and we will place the planets and the moon on your globe at the very same position, freezing time forever.

The celestial globe is delivered with its base and its certificate of origin

Prices :

Calibre 21cm:  700€,  "cushion" or "suspension" base, 5 customizations included

Calibre 32cm: 1450€,  "M" or "Lotus" base, customizations included

Calibre 50cm: from 2850€,  20 customizations included

Calibre 80cm: 8 900€, customozation optional

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  • calibre 21, 32, 50 or 80cm
  • calibre 21, 32, 50 or 80cm
  • calibre 21, 32, 50 or 80cm